Travelers beware

Booze ain't worth fighting over; water is.

 — Delmore Schwartz

Purgatory Springs is an anthology series set in a Colorado spa town, where eccentric residents and drifters fight the forces of greed, corruption, blood feuds, and social injustice in a never-ending struggle to control the miraculous waters. 

Currently available for development.
Created by David G Lucas

Journey Back to 1927

A spa resort town in decline, Purgatory Springs still draws tourists. With penny arcades, saltwater taffy, snake oil shops and “miraculous” water, it’s a destination for dreamers, hustlers, wise guys, healers and showgirls. On doctor’s orders, consumptive patients flock to the hilltop sanatorium taking in the dry mountain air and curative water.

Everyone has a racket here, even the gals playing Mah-Jongg in the pool.

Pete Palermo, Rocky Mountain Bottling & Beverage

Turbulence swells when prohibition forces the town brewery into the malted milk business, creating a haven for bootleggers and a hotbed of gang rivalry. With lawlessness comes the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and tensions reach the boiling point in Purgatory Springs.

Women playing mahjong in pool
Thermal Waters Poster

Excerpt from International Spa Review 1909

The springs have been noted for their curative qualities from time immemorial, having been frequented by the Indian previous to Spanish occupation and highly esteemed by both races since that date.

The curative waters have proved remarkably successful in the treatment of rheumatism, skin disease, derangement of the kidneys and bladder and especially of all venereal diseases.

Cases of paralysis after resisting the usual appliances of medicine have been sent to Purgatory Springs and immediately and permanently relieved.

Overheard in Purgatory Springs

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