A Dark Comedy Set in the Rockies

- Created by David G Lucas -

Series Setup

The Fountain of Youth. A deadly curse. A miracle cure. The keys to fortune. All this and more is rumored to flow through the legendary thermal waters of Purgatory Springs, Colorado. For centuries, the springs have beckoned both locals and travelers with the promise of redemption. Yet with each generation comes fresh horror: tribal genocide, brutal class warfare, senseless greed, and bloody personal vendetta. 

In Purgatory Springs the water flows on, but some things never change.

As an anthology series, each season of Purgatory Springs features an entirely different cast, storyline, and timeline, always using an infamous or mysterious real life historical tragedy as a jumping off point. 

Through stories drawn from history, yet sharply poignant today, Purgatory Springs reminds us that the human quest for vengeance, love, power, and redemption is as futile as trying to grasp water in a fist —a struggle without end.

Collage of Historical Events

Season One - The White Plague

Sal Pinelli, a shell-shocked, womanizing veteran battles bootleggers, the KKK, and a charlatan doctor to save his community – but falls in love with the wrong woman and becomes the prime suspect in a deadly arson attack.

The trouble begins when a quack doctor and his mysterious wife roll into town. In a scheme to bottle radium water, the devious doctor tests his “patented” medicine on the patients of the sanatorium perched above Purgatory Springs. Sal maneuvers to protect the patients and his own family, but finds himself trapped in the power play of bootleggers and the KKK. 

Meanwhile, Sal’s concealing a few dirty secrets of his own, like the girlie photography business he runs out of the darkroom in the sanatorium, and his own father’s dangerous bootlegging operation. Not to mention the hot current running between Sal and the doctor’s enigmatic wife.

Montage of a couple and sinister man with gun
KKK parades and woman preacher
Across town, the Reverend Bishop Agatha Birdwell also has her eyes on the hilltop, where she schemes to construct an evangelical temple at the famed miraculous springs. In her grand vision, radio towers high above the town will broadcast on-the-air baptisms in the magical waters, spreading her message of hellfire and damnation.
Birdwell aligns herself with the Klan and preaches anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant sermons, hoping to stir up opposition to the sanatorium and “scandalous” nightclub that currently occupy the prized hilltop land.
When the only two buildings sucking water from the springs — the mob-owned nightclub and the adjacent sanatorium — burn to the ground in a deadly arson attack, Sal becomes the prime suspect. The mafia, the Klan, a jealous husband, and a string of jilted lovers line up to point fingers.
Caught up in cycles of vengeance that date back generations, Sal struggles to reconcile his own dark past and maintain his grip on reality while taking the law into his own hands.

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